About us


Thank you for visiting our site. L’Avenue Myrtle 15 is a family owned old world patisserie. This women-owned business is dedicated to our loving Mom. We are passionate about keeping the legacy of our mother alive by sharing her delicious cookies and pastries. The smell that filled that big old Victorian house on Myrtle Avenue would lure our siblings (along with all the other extended “family” that would come to our home to find a mom with open arms and a shoulder to cry on) to a kitchen table with plenty of food and conversation. We hope you enjoy the experience of biting into the traditional buttery taste of our old world recipes of goodness.

We offer Chocolate Baby Bundles Pastry Minis, Chocolate Baby Bonnets Gluten Free Pastry Minis, along with other occasional limited time confections. Our pastry minis are made of a softly textured buttery pastry dough enrobed around a chocolate ganache filling. 

Our mini pastries are perfect for family gathering, and special occasions. They are presented to you in a box with decorative trim to reflect your special gathering. The petite boxes (4 Piece) are perfect for party favors, hostess gifts and small individual birthday or holiday gifts. The grande boxes (18 Piece mini pastries or 8 Piece Baguettes) are great for parties, baby showers, and family holiday gifts. We can’t wait for you to indulge with our pastries and provide us with your feedback. Enjoy! Bon Appetit!


Please feel free to contact us at:

info@MyrtlePastries.com or by calling 800-370-7189