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The Holiday Table

The holidays would not be complete without a batch of homemade cookies.  Our buttery Baby Bundles have a soft "pastry-like" texture on the outside and a creamy chocolate genache filling inside.  Perfect for the chocolate lover in your family.  Gluten intolerant?  We've got you covered there too!  Our Gluten Free Baby Bonnets also have a buttery soft outside surrounding the same creamy chocolate genache filling as our traditional version.  We are now scheduling our holiday local delivery orders.  Use promo code NEWCLIENT at check-out to receive a 10% discount on your first order.

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This Beauty is Gluten Free!

Finally, a gluten free dessert that doesn't taste gluten free!  Our Baby Bonnets have a luscious chocolate ganache filling cradled within a rich buttery pastry dough.   Use promo code NEWCLIENT at check out to receive 10% on your first order.  Currently catering locally to the Greensboro/Triad, North Carolina area.  Shipping to the Continental US will start mid-November.

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Bonjour! Thank you for visiting our site. L’Avenue Myrtle 15 is an old world patisserie. This business is dedicated to our loving Mom. We are passionate about keeping the legacy of our mother alive by sharing her delicious cookies and pastries. The smell that filled that big old Victorian house on Myrtle Avenue would lure our siblings (along with all the other extended “family” that would come to our home to find a mom with open arms and a shoulder to cry on) to a kitchen table with plenty of food and conversation. We hope you enjoy the experience of biting into the traditional buttery taste of our old world recipes of goodness. Though we have baked for family and...

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