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Pre-Order Your Client Gifts with Promo Code HOLIDAYTRIM

Pre-order your client gifts....then sit back and relax.  Use promo code HOLIDAYTRIM at Checkout and receive free Holiday Trim on each qualified item (Baby Bundles 4 Pc - Holiday Trim, Baby Bundles 18 Pc - Holiday Trim, Gluten Free Baby Bonnets 4 Pc - Holiday Trim, Gluten Free Baby Bonnets 18 Pc - Holiday Trim). Savings of $3 on each item. Hurry...Offer Ends November 8, 2018

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Beautiful Seasonal Premium Trim $3.00 Discount on Select Items when Scheduled to Ship 3/27

Place your order to ship Tuesday 3/27 and receive our beautiful seasonal premium trim for the same price as our standard trim just in time for Easter (offer applies to traditional 4 pack and 18 pack Baby Bundle mini-pastries only)

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